portraitHello and welcome to my little contribution to the blogging world. My name is Stuart, I’m a small animal veterinarian and keen amateur baker living in rural Ireland. I spend much of my time away from work cooking for my young family, and I really care about the quality of the food we eat.

I became interested in the ancient art of sourdough baking a number of years ago, drawn to it initially by the seemingly magical ability of a jar of bubbling slop on our kitchen counter to produce a delicious loaf of bread without the addition of any baker’s yeast or chemical raising agents. I later became fascinated to learn about the true complexity of the ecosystem within the ‘slop’, it being the living breathing embodiment of ancient symbiotic relationships between bacteria and yeast species.

However, without doubt the most remarkable thing about sourdough is its nutritional properties and health promoting effects. This is real bread, bearing no resemblance to the rubbish purporting to be bread which may be found on supermarket shelves. It is my hope in writing this blog to interest others in sourdough and to inspire at least a few to try their hands at it. Failing this, I hope you might think twice before buying your next sliced pan, full of artificial chemicals and enzymes. If sourdough baking is not for you, find a reputable local baker that subscribes to the ‘Real Bread’ ethos. Pay a little more for your bread, live a lot healthier.